WATCH VIDEO: As a Boyfriend Angrily Chop Chop The Girlfriend To Death In The Volta Region

The mother of a murdered 25-year-old lady allegedly murdered by her boyfriend at Ho in the

Volta Region has disclosed that the two started dating when they were in Junior High School (JHS).

Linda Gbologa said she didn’t know that the two Senior High School (SHS) graduates who have been

dating for six years were at loggerheads.

Harriet Kafui Ahiati’s mother said initially, her family and Jay Dordorye’s family did not agree to the relationship and did all they could to separate them.

They later allowed the two lover birds to continue with the bond because they would not yield to attempts to put them asunder.

Madam Gbologa said the two have lived in harmony with Jay Dordorye coming over to their house to eat and sometimes spend the night.

According to the 43-year-old, she received a call from someone asking where she was on Wednesday morning.

‘I responded that I was out of town and by the time I got home I saw my daughter in a pool of blood. I couldn’t do anything but cry while the police consoled me and took the body away,’ she said.

Residents of Ho in the Volta Region woke up to the sad news of another love story gone wrong after news broke that Jay Dordorye had reportedly murdered Harriet.

The 26-year-old who plays for Silion Football Club, a second division team, later attempted to take his own life by hanging twice. He also slit his throat and stabbed himself in the stomach twice but did not die.

Mr Dordorye is currently being treated at the Volta Regional Hospital after he was arrested by the Ho Municipal Police command.

JoyNew’s Ivy Setorjie reported that the incident happened at about 10 pm on Monday night but those around got to know about it around midnight.

An eyewitness told JoyNews that they heard the suspect calling for his mother to come to his aid because “something bad had happened to him where he was”.

“Then we heard a loud noise of a scream of the boy [Dordorye] saying ‘I am in trouble o’. So we all rushed over to see that he had killed his girlfriend”.

Upon entering his room, they saw a pool of blood on the floor as well as blood splattered on the walls. In addition, they realized that the ceiling fan, from which he tried to hang himself had been ripped from the ceiling.

According to the eyewitness, the suspect’s intestines were gushing out of his stomach after he had stabbed himself repeatedly in an attempt to take his life.

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